well its a marvelous night for a
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Jennifer Elisabeth Melody Deleon
Nineteen years old,
Barista/Clara Marks Photography Intern
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I love you and hate you the same, and maybe that's the way it'll stay.
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New York City is my home, and I couldn't be happier about it. You'll rarely see me without my camera and I try to see the good in everyone, even when they can't see it in themselves.
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All Dolled Up // Jenn & Mason

After spending most of the day in Tom’s lap, forcing Austin to move all his things in and put them away, around three Jenn decided it was probably time to go start getting ready. After showering, the girl set her hair in lose curlers before putting her make up on, doing it as perfectly as she could. As the girl got ready she tried her hardest to keep the thought of what she was about to be stepping into out of her mind, a big party full of socialites and New York’s most important people. Right before five, she slipped into her dress, asking her Aunt to zip her up before shooing her away to finish rushing around getting ready. The blonde girl was slipping her heels on just as she heard the knock at her apartment door. “One second!” She called, completely unsure if Mason could even hear her through her apartment. Grabbing her purse and making sure she had what she needed before making her way over to the door and pulling it open to see Mason standing there looking handsome as ever. 

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